A great party should leave you with fantastic memories. Occasionally though, it might leave you with a few more things. It's happened to us all; a wine glass on the edge of a table or a plant pot in a crowded room,
and the carpet stain can get left until the next day.
Waking up to this can seem as though it's already too late, but with Ben and Dan Domestic Cleaning, you've still got time to clean up as our team can take care of everything:

  • Water Damage cleaning
  • Odour neutralising treatments
  • Disinfecting treatments
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Odour refreshing treatments
  • Steam Cleaning

With one call to us, all your stain removal needs can be met. From wine stains to food stains and anything
else you can think of, chances are we've dealt with it before.
Our team are fully trained and insured, so even if you haven't spilt anything but just need a party clean to
get rid of the mess, Ben and Dan Domestic Cleaning is the company to call.